Winds of Change

From the Alleged Artist, Wednesday Edition:

So I had previously noted that Tastiera touches on a wide range of topics beyond the usual “matters of the heart” stuff, and then I’ve proceeded to present three straight songs about “matters of the heart” stuff. I promise the next entry will indeed be quite different.

In the mean time, after the release of “The Full Spectrum”, I went through a whirlwind relationship that ended in my first major heartbreak. There were more to come of course, leading eventually across space and time to my happiest of happy places today. But the ups and downs of late 1988 basically became the basis for the first half of the next Tastiera album, “Pink Noise”, released in February 1989.

Those few “in the know” about Tastiera back then probably think I’m going to post a song called “Eighty-eight Keys”. But in my opinion, that was neither the best nor the most poignant of the songs here, and it was also frankly rather groveling. Instead, I present to you an ode to the right to be sad for a little while: “Blue Zephyr”.

Composed when I was 19, this is one of the more raw emotional songs I’ve done, and for that reason it means a little extra to me. The distinctive bass drum and synth bass sequence are also departures from what I’ve generally done with Tastiera, so that was kind of a cool approach to explore. And I brought back the Casio CZ-101 for one last spin to round out the instrumental sounds on “Pink Noise” in general, including the “lead guitar” sound on “Blue Zephyr”. For the remix and remaster, I was able to successfully apply Izotope’s RX10 noise reduction plug-in (forgot to mention that actually worked on “Carousel” as well), combined with the UVR vocal isolation tool to give that part of the track some better EQ.

Velvet Cockroach did some evolving on the way to becoming Tastiera, but largely from a technical and lyrical standpoint. From “Pink Noise” onward, Tastiera evolved with me.


Change, it’s inevitable as the wind, as deep as the original sin, nowhere to hide
Pain, I’ve got to find a cure, an elixir so pure, there’s a bullet hole in my pride
Time, how long can I pretend, will the battle never end, I’ve got to look away
Life, life goes on, it’s always darkest before the dawn, but where are those golden rays

Oh, I know I’ll survive, the future has arrived, don’t leave without me
Worry not for me, I shall return, the fire again will burn, there’s so many fish in the sea
My resolve knows no bounds, just look around, what a colossal world
So I’ll rise up, yeah that’s what I’ll do
And by the time that I’m through, I’ll have found my dream girl

But for now, I think I want to curl up by the fire, alone, and cry

Oh, carry me away, so very far away, blue zephyr
Please, I deserve a chance to cry, for an instant in time, blue zephyr
Oh, carry me away, so very far away, blue zephyr
Oh, carry me away, blue zephyr

Blue zephyr, carry me away, like a tattered kite in the wind

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