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It’s Tuesday; that means it must be time for another post from the Alleged Artist…

After “Echoes Through the Mist”, a few things happened that profoundly impacted Tastiera for the next decade or so. First, how to put this… I participated in a relationship that turned out to be a mutual mistake with long-standing repercussions. Second, I dabbled with the idea of having music become my career. And third, at the end of 1995, I moved away from Colorado for the first time.

Tackling Item 2 first – my friend Tony and I actually created a demo tape and took it around to a few places. In parallel, we both recorded some stuff at Mike’s home studio (see the last post for more about that). Tony and I also participated in a couple instances of Music Day in college, where we got to play some songs for whoever was walking by the particular venue to which we were assigned. At the end of all these experiences, it became clear that making a career out of music might be beyond what I was willing or able to do. Tony actually ended up in another band, and the drummer from that band is a very good friend of mine today. Meanwhile, the bassist from that band has actually ended up with a very successful career in music, playing and touring with some of the best in the business.

While exploring the idea of a music career, I was also still in graduate school, for which a job opportunity came along that got me out my funk and forced me to finish. During my free time, I continued to record in my own basement studio, and eventually the Tastiera album “Broken World” came together in late 1993.

Also during that time, Item 1 happened. I don’t need or want to get into all the details of that. But as one consequence, it did lead to an imperceptible shrinking away from the rest of the world – less time with friends, less time and energy with music, giving up a newly found love for the sport of ice hockey, and so on. None of these were the other person’s fault – they were choices I was making, even if I was not fully aware at the time. Item 3 – spurred by the job opportunity mentioned above – amplified all of that. I wrote a few songs during the period from 1993 through 2003, and even tried various new technological toys during that time, but to the rest of the world, Tastiera went silent, much like I did. When I got to the other side of it and began to make music again (a topic for the next post), I was blown away by how much time had gone by.

Time is something that has always intrigued this nerd. What is it? How does it actually work? Is it just another dimension? Can it ever go backward? I spent a fair amount of time reading about that and other cosmological questions during the 1990’s. I also ended up taking a few philosophy classes in college to supplement my engineering degree, and some of that ventured into questions about the nature of time. As I now plow further into my 50’s, I’ve come to accept that if there is anything we can do to alter the passage of time, it won’t happen until long after time has sealed my own fate. But that doesn’t stop me from still trying to understand it better – which was the central focus of the song “Time and Again” from “Broken World”:

I think this has always been my favorite song from that album. For “Origin Story”, I applied some noise reduction – this is the last song for which I will need to do that, since “Broken World” was the last Tastiera album recorded on tape. I also isolated the vocals so I could toss some backup into the chorus. Hopefully that came out sounding fairly seamless – but it’s another instance where I got to jam with my much younger self for a few minutes. Those minutes do fly by, faster and faster with each one.


When you’re in a hurry, it moves too fast
But when you’re alone, it moves too slow
When you stare at the second hand, it barely moves at all
But when you look away, where does it go

They say time flies, but it’s okay to be fashionably late
Live each moment to the fullest, but all our operators are busy, please wait

Heraclitus said it’s like a river
And you can’t step into the same river twice
And then someone said, hey, you can’t even do it once
But that doesn’t add up to much advice

Is it really the fourth dimension, and does it stop on a ray of light
And if it reversed, would we remember the future
And suffer in the morning for what we’d done the following night

Though we may try, time and again, born only to die, beginning only to end
There must be something more

And maybe memory will serve us well – only time will tell

Though we may try, time and again, born only to die, beginning only to end
There must be something more

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