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It’s Thursday, so it must be time to post the 7th song from Tastiera’s new album “13”. Here is the Alleged Artist…

The very first Tastiera album, “The Full Spectrum” in 1988, had ten songs on it. For some reason, I interpreted that to mean that every Tastiera album should have ten songs on it. It is one of the few examples in my life of having stuck to a plan. So wind the clock to May 2024, and I’ve only got nine songs for “13”. This was unacceptable. So I threw together a tenth song over the course of a couple of days – something I’ve done multiple times on previous Tastiera albums, by the way. Apple’s Logic Pro makes it so easy to do that, starting with a great range of drum sequences and arpeggiated synth sounds. More generally speaking, it seems like things work best when I just let the music take me where it wants to, and I’m just there to give it a nudge here and there. And now I present to you the most recent result: “Other Side”.

This song basically completes the five-song narrative about America’s recent political journey, with the open question of what is coming next. It also transitions into a more personal question of what comes next. The “vessel” in the second verse represents both the “ship” from “Prodigal Nation” and my own body. We think more about that stuff the older we get, but hopefully there’s a lot more to be done first… for both vessels.


November will soon be here
Always remember this year

A chilling and thrilling ride, eyes open wide
What’s on the other side

This vessel’s end will come someday
Before then, will you show me the way

A chilling and thrilling ride, don’t let the lights die
What’s on the other side

A chilling and thrilling ride, time’s never satisfied
What’s on the other side

Other side

Image by Jörg from Pixabay

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