There Were Dragons


It’s been an even longer time since the last post than it was since the post before that. I think I got that sentence right.

Anyhoo, obviously a few things got in the way of the new album, this blog, and the Broncos’ return to glory. Can’t do much about the last one, but this is an attempt to infuse Tastiera with new momentum as we approach 2023.

In the last post, we completed the online repository of “Plato’s Fun Factory”, the last complete album by the Alleged Artist. So why not start this very next post, mere tens of months later, with the one before that?  And so, without further fanfare, please check out the full list of songs from “Hear Bead Rag Guns” on the “Listen” page.

Seven of these songs had already been up for quite some time, so we won’t belabor their stories here (although maybe we’ll talk about one or two in future posts). The three new ones each have an interesting tint though:

  1. “In Our Own Image” can probably best be viewed as the prequel to “God’s Eyes” on “Plato’s Fun Factory”.
  2. “63 Seconds of Zen” didn’t have a name until the song itself was complete, so the Alleged Artist knew how many seconds the “zen” part in the middle lasted.
  3. And “Bubbles” is probably the most poignant in the here and now. The Alleged Artist had both a fantastically memorable and emotional sine wave of a year in 2022, and in the days leading into 2023 has gained a newfound appreciation for the sanctity and fragility of life, which is what “Bubbles” is all about. We now can’t wait to see what comes out of that crazy mind in 2023 and beyond.

Speaking of which, we expect to be generating more activity on this blog in the coming days, weeks, and months, as “13” is finally completed. Stay tuned!

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