Sax but No Violins

Only two “Origin Story” posts left from the Alleged Artist…

When I was growing up, my mom had a good friend she would go golfing with every now and then, and they both talked about how their sons should become friends because we were both musicians. It took years for their wishes to come to fruition, and Tony (the other musician) and I became good friends in college. We jammed together periodically, often with him bringing his own keyboard and sometimes his saxophone to my basement abode. We toyed with the idea of becoming an actual band, but it never materialized (although he joined another band at one point, even generating a good album out of it).

One of the songs we came up with had a really great sax riff on it. It had a very cool and lonely feel to it, so I wrote some lyrics and called it “Breezy Winter Night”. I don’t have any recordings of it from back then (this would have been the early 1990’s). But when I recorded “A Little to the Left” in 2005, I remembered enough that I decided to resurrect it. I just needed a topic to wrap it around. It just so happened that I was in a much better place at that point getting over the situation that inspired “I, Masochist”. So I decided to talk about that in the song. The first line still says what it said in the 1990’s: “It’s a breezy winter night…” – but I retitled the song to “Thanks, Bye”:

Even though this song still has a cool and lonely feel to it, I think it’s a little more upbeat about the future, which matches where my head and heart were in 2005. There were still more mistakes to be made, but at least I seemed to be making new ones instead the same ones over and over.

I’m really happy with how well my software synthesizer was able to recapture the main sax riff in the song. It sounds eerily like Tony’s version – which is good because he was the one who came up with the riff in the first place. This one didn’t need much tweaking for “Origin Story”, so it sounds pretty much like the original: lots of sax, but very little violins.

Image by Christoph Schütz from Pixabay


It’s a breezy winter night – the wind cuts through my soul
Orion is so bright against a sky as black as coal
And though I know it’s right that you and I were wrong
I wish I’d taken flight, and been the one that was strong

I never really knew the value of being apart
Without you, it’s finally taken hold
I won’t deny the comfort I found in your heart
Now I’m finding comfort in the cold

It’s a breezy winter night – I’m fixated on a star
I wonder what it’s like wherever you are
I’ve learned a lot of things since wishing you the best
And more about myself than I’d have ever guessed

I never really knew the value of goodbyes
Without you, I’m a little more aware
I won’t deny the beauty I found in your eyes
Now I’m finding beauty in the air

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