Thursday murmuring from the Alleged Artist:

When Tastiera was brought back to life in 2004, so was one of its hallmarks – lyrics that spanned a very broad range of topics. While “Butterfly” was very inward looking, the second track, “The Speed of Lies”, put a lens back on the world around us. Throughout history, it’s always been easy to lie, and it’s always been nearly as easy to get people to believe a lie. The only requirement is that the lie confirm the biases of whatever people are being targeted with it. That pretty much sums up the premise behind “The Speed of Lies”:

It’s astounding, depressing, and unnerving how well these lyrics have aged – and in fact the lies themselves have become their own pandemic – we see that happening all over the world as more and more leaders see how well it works, especially in the age of social media. There is a very real problem with no clear resolution: society as a whole is becoming increasingly unable to recognize what is true and what is not – because for many of us, just hearing what we want to hear equates to truth, with no supporting evidence required. We have always been vulnerable to this phenomenon, but the speed with which BS spreads like the flu (as “The Speed of Lies” puts it) is skyrocketing exponentially. I don’t know how we reel that back in at this point…

Ok, enough about that for now, it’s harshing my mellow.

Musically, “The Speed of Lies” is my tribute to 80’s metal. The drum track is one of my favorites in the Tastiera anthology. I actually started piecing the song together in the late 90’s, but it took the events of the previous post to finally get it out of my head and into cyberspace. As with “Butterfly”, I dropped the volume on the vocals a tad, but otherwise it’s relatively unchanged from its original version. And that’s no lie.


That congressman says that he has a degree in biology – well then I guess he cannot lie
Hey I have an aerospace degree, but if you bought a plane from me, I guarantee it would not fly

He said that she said that the sky’s not blue, and then someone else told you
Well then I guess it must be true
What a highly discerning lot we are
You needn’t pull the wool too far to spread bullshit like the flu

If it leaves your lips today, it’ll be truth tonight, wrong or right
Every word you say travels at the speed of lies

Hey guess what, I’m the Easter bunny
No I aint tryin’ to be funny, just showing you how easy it is to lie
But it’s even easier to listen to one, and not know that it’s been done
And then use it as the basis for your life

I am the new and improved Pinocchio
WMD – see my nose didn’t grow
If it leaves your lips today, it’ll be truth tonight, wrong or right
Every word you say travels at the speed of lies

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