One Last Dance

At last, we have arrived at the last song on the 2-volume “Origin Story” set. A few wrap-up words from the Alleged Artist before we set him to work on finishing the new album…

As I was nearing completion of “A Little to the Left” in 2005, I needed one more song. It had been a common feature of most previous Tastiera albums to have one instrumental, so I figured that would be the route I would take on song number 10. So I put together a very basic bass progression, added a little synthesized guitar, and then realized it wasn’t going to stand on its own. I also noticed the foundation felt fairly upbeat. So rather than come up with a new set of lyrics, I decided to call it “Good Stuff”, and just rattle off all the things I liked at the age of 36, including a completely unauthorized cameo by Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes. If they ever come after me, I’ll remove it. But I doubt they will. And frankly I’d be honored.

Anyway, “Good Stuff” has a distinctive Velvet Cockroach vibe to it, so it was good to tip the cap one last time for where it all began:

For “Origin Story”, I isolated the “vocals” and turned them up just a tad. There are still a few lines that you probably won’t be able to make out, but messing up the lyrics is half the fun when you’re listening to music.

It’s been a fun 20-day ride going over the history of Velvet Cockroach and Tastiera, and I thank you for whatever time and attention you gave it all. Apparently my contract says I need to finish the next album before the summer solstice, or my pay will be slashed to half its normal value of zero. Back to the salt mines for a few weeks…

Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

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