Ode to the Cockroach

Lazy weekend, lazy Alleged Artist post…

One of the things that happened when I revived Tastiera in 2004 was a bit of retrospective on how it all began. That led to a mental revisit of the Velvet Cockroach era, and a realization that there had been a fair amount of decent music to tap into from back then. From that point onward, there have been a number of Tastiera songs that are built around the music from originally Velvet Cockroach songs. Tastiera’s next album, “13”, will have several. A moment of appreciation for the roach…

On “Release”, I paid tribute to Velvet Cockroach in two different ways. First, I remixed an old Velvet Cockroach song called “Pizza Ala Mode on Rye”, which in turn was actually based on a poem I had written in elementary school. There’s a nonzero probability you will hear that song on this site someday. But not today.

The second tribute was to make one new song on “Release” just plain silly. And thus was born “Ode to the Unheralded”:

Musically, this song is quite different from most of Tastiera’s works. It may work better with shrooms, but I’m going to neither condone nor criticize that choice. Suffice it to say, it was one of the more fun experiences I have had laying down a track. At least as much fun as it was to record Velvet Cockroach songs in my basement when I was 14. Oh, to simpler times.


There haven’t been many songs about quarks, and I don’t understand why
They’re the cutest subatomic particles you’ll ever meet, and without ’em we’d die
In fact, without ’em we would not have been born, and that would probably be all right
‘Cause there also wouldn’t be anything else except a bunch of wasted light
Where are all the songs about quarks

There haven’t been many songs about Jell-O, and I don’t understand the reason
You can eat it even with a broken jaw, and at any time of day or season
You can hand a tray full to a hot babe and have her walk around selling shots
And you’ll get two years closer to your death before your Jell-O rots
Where are all the songs about Jell-O

There haven’t been many songs about Venus, and it simply isn’t fair
If there’s a song about a detachable penis, then a planet oughta get its share
Maybe it’s because it’s hard to think of something rhyming with sulfuric acid
If you ask me, that’s a cop out – have you ever been to Lake Placid
Where are all the songs about Venus

Where are all the songs about donut holes
Where are all the songs about remote controls
Where are all the songs about the number twenty-three
Where are all the songs about me

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