Night and Day

Welcome to song #4 on the new Tastiera album “13”. A few words from the Alleged Artist…

“Rise and Fall” talked about some deep fears, which turned out not to be realized in early 2021, but which still lurk in the shadows today. The next song on “13” speaks to that general feeling of unease. Things seem far different from anything I have seen in my lifetime, and there’s simply no telling what might happen next in that regard. I submit to you, “Different Sun”:

As was the case with “Rise and Fall”, the music for “Different Sun” traces back to Velvet Cockroach days, in 1986. But while “Rise and Fall” only reused the central chord progression, “Different Sun” is almost entirely based on its origin material, which first appeared as “Birds Don’t Miss” on the Velvet Cockroach album “Broke Again”. I was 17 when I wrote “Birds Don’t Miss”, so of course it was literally about birds pooping from midair. But it’s still kinda cool I got to resurrect all of the music from that endeavor and make it something new. It also does seem to match the mood of “Different Sun” quite well.


It’s a new day but something’s gone – it’s not quite right
There’s a small part of this dawn that feels like night

Yes we won, but it’s a different Sun – a different Sun

We’ve brought the world down a one way street – can’t turn around
Too much fog behind to see any middle ground

Maybe we won, but it’s a different Sun – a different Sun

Basking in the shadows – have we lost our way

There’s so much that we could do if we are free
But only time will take us to where we can see

Have we won – it’s a different Sun – a different Sun

When tonight becomes tomorrow, will we see the day, or just another night

Image by Hans from Pixabay

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