Into the Unknown

It’s been nearly 40 years since the Alleged Artist first started tinkering around with his own musical concoctions on the piano, instead of practicing like he was supposed to do. Along the way, after finding the word “tastiera” (which is Italian for keyboard) in a music dictionary, he threw together a dozen collections of songs under the Tastiera moniker, the last of which (“Plato Fun Factory”) was released in 2018.

With a day job and a number of other hobbies, getting more music out the door has not been easy of late. But certainly the current pandemic has afforded more time, and the Alleged Artist was beginning to get the itch – not just from having more time at home, but also wanting to say some new things about the scary new world in which we live. So album number 13 already had some momentum to it. But the horrific events in Minnesota and subsequent sudden ignition of the conversation about race across the country added some urgency to the matter. The 13th album was going to be a consolidated labor of love, released all at once, presumably a few months from now. Instead, Tastiera is reverting to the “Plato Fun Factory” model, releasing each new song as it is completed. And, not having the usual few months to stew over what to call the album, fate has determined that as well: it’s simply called “13”.

Even though Tastiera doesn’t make a bunch of CDs anymore, here’s what the CD for “13” would look like:

And here, cyberfriends, is the first track: “Flying Blind”.


Hello, this is your captain speaking
And I cannot see a damned thing
Our collective brain is leaking
The downward spiral’s in full swing 

No I don’t know why we are here
Or why we find comfort in fear
Or if we’re running out of years

Our eyes are open in our minds
We are really flying blind

You care to guess on our destination
And if it makes this all worthwhile
Are we just a decoration
Waiting to go out of style

No I don’t know the way
I only know that we’re astray
And maybe running out of days

Our eyes are open in our minds
We are really flying blind

It’s time for all to recognize
The world is filtered by our eyes
Close your eyes and empathize

That’s when you will truly find
We are really flying blind
Our sightless kings have had their day
Let their dark world just fade away

Let there be light

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