Fun with Dodecahedrons

It’s been a long hiatus since our last post. We’d love to blame the pandemic, but that should have made it easier to post something, not harder. So yeah, basically we just suck.

Nevertheless, here we are, and we are excited to announce the full posting of Tastiera’s last album, Plato Fun Factory, to the website! You can find the songs on the “Listen” page.

The interesting shape in the album cover art is a dodecahedron – one of the five Platonic solids, which represent ideal form in the universe. For more details, please catch yourself up on Plato’s blog (which is admittedly getting kind of stale).

This album came together during a transformative time in the Alleged Artist’s life. The transition is best summed up in the opening track, “Never Know”. Three of the next four tracks get political (“Sold Out”, “Partisan Me”, and “Dusk to Dawn”), with a love song in the middle (“Joyride”, now one of the Alleged Artist’s personal faves). The remainder of the album goes into reflection (“Walk in the Park”), silly fun (“Afrodite”), the Alleged Artist’s late brother (“King of Reseda”), faith and love (“God’s Eyes”), and an over the top techno-pop tribute to Carl Sagan (“Starstuff”).

In other words, this album jumps all over the place, which is what any Tastiera aficionado should have come to expect by now. Enjoy!

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