Four Years Later…

Four years ago, unless you were living under a rock… wait, we were all living under a rock four years ago.

Anyway, when the isolation of the pandemic first started, the Alleged Artist thought, “hey, this would be a great time to put together a new Tastiera album”. So he quickly upgraded his studio to the latest software, penned a few words, laid down a couple tracks, and it looked like there would be a new release that summer. And then, as always happens, life happened. Turns out he didn’t have as much free time as he thought he did, cooped up in a house or not.

For whatever reason, he got the itch again early this year, and, well, here we are: the release of the latest Tastiera album, 13:

We will be posting songs from this album over the next nine days, starting with two today: the ones we originally posted four years ago, remixed and remastered to match the flow of the rest of the album (although we’re preserving the older posts where they were first brought into the world, so you can see if you hear anything different, which you probably won’t).

A lot of poo went down between the time the first song was written and the last song was mastered. The first seven songs on “13” are something of a narrative, spanning from the beginning of the pandemic through the present political climate. The last three songs are considerably more personal (although so is song #2 below). Each one will get its due here with words from the Alleged Artist, and of course the lyrics. So here we go… take it away, Alleged Artist…

First of all, thanks for having me here. I want to thank the academy…

Sorry, wrong speech. The first song on “13”, “Flying Blind”, was also the first song written for it, coming out of the mass uncertainty and fear that accompanied the pandemic in early 2020:

The second song was also partly inspired by the pandemic, but much more from the perspective of something good that came out of it: an even deeper appreciation for the person closest to me, and being glad that if it was going to happen, we were going to get through it together. “This Here Now” is one of my favorite Tastiera songs:

As with many other Tastiera albums, this one was recorded using Apple’s Logic Pro, with some key plug-ins from Izotope’s Nectar, Neutron, and Ozone products for vocals, compression, and EQ. These two songs are largely the same as when they were first posted here four years ago – mostly I just evened out the EQ a bit from that first go-round using Logic’s Mastering Assistant. Hopefully some of the messages therein will resonate…


Hello, this is your captain speaking, and I cannot see a damned thing
Our collective brain is leaking – the downward spiral’s in full swing

No, I don’t know why we are here, or why we find comfort in fear
Or if we’re running out of years

Our eyes are open in our minds – we are really flying blind

You care to guess on our destination, and if it makes this all worthwhile
Are we just a decoration, waiting to go out of style

No, I don’t know the way – I only know that we’re astray
And maybe running out of days

Our eyes are open in our minds – we are really flying blind

It’s time for all to recognize the world is filtered by our eyes
Close your eyes and empathize

That’s when you will really find we are really flying blind
Our sightless kings have had their day – let their dark world just fade away

Let there be light


Thirty-some years ago, who could have known
That I would see your face whenever I pick up my phone
Thirty-less years ago, I was alone and okay
Now I want to see your face for the rest of my days

And this here now is all I need

We are gonna fly – never gonna die

Twenty-some weeks ago, who could have guessed
That all of humanity would be put to this test
Twenty-less weeks ago, we still don’t know what to do
But wherever we go from here, I’m happy to go there with you

So much at stake today, and we’ll do our part
There’s nothing I cannot do with you in my heart

And this here now is all I need

We are gonna fly – never gonna die
Put your hand in mine – let’s see what we can find

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