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With “Flying Blind” and “This Here Now” remixed, remastered, and reposted, we are now to the first completely new song from “13”. As always, here to introduce it is the Alleged Artist himself…

I mentioned in the previous post that the first seven songs on “13” are sort of a narrative of events – songs 3 through 7 are particularly focused on the ridiculous and history-ignoring political trend that hit a head in late 2020 and continues to this day. One side of America has basically decided it’s important enough for them to be in charge that if democracy falls along the way, so be it. On January 6, 2021, as I was watching events unfold in the early afternoon, it looked like democracy might end that very day. “Rise and Fall” summarizes my reaction, including the notion that when a democracy dies, “it dies for all”:

The central chord progression, which introduces “Rise and Fall” and reappears in each chorus, is actually 39 years old. It came from a song called “All Kinds of Fools” (fitting name even now) by Velvet Cockroach, from the album “Don’t Break My Spleen” in 1985. The rest of the music on “Rise and Fall” is new window-dressing, but still feels like it could have been written in the 1980’s. It also feels like it could be a number in a musical about this whole mess our country is in – I’m getting images of the songs in “Evita”.

I actually borrowed quite a bit of Velvet Cockroach content to build up the songs on “13”. For whatever reason, I was struggling in coming up with new musical material, and it occurred to me, why not tap into the archives and bring some of the better parts into the light of day? You’ll be the judge of how well that worked out, but I’m comfortable with where it landed.

I’m not comfortable with where we’re all headed. A couple of people close to me have told me over the years not to mix music with politics. But really what’s going on right now transcends mere politics. And I gave up trying to make money off my music a long time ago, so screw it. I’ll respect whatever reaction that spurs in anyone who spends time reading or listening.


I can’t believe it, is this really happening – is the curtain really falling
Well I guess that we had a good run
We’re not alone, we’re just the latest, and we’re not even the greatest
It’s been a while since we’ve been number one

So this is how – so this is now – so down we go – so now we know

Rise and fall – it dies for all

They’re living in a red hat bubble, reality reduced to rubble
They just can’t understand how they could lose
Their baby cried that we must have cheated – a lie only needs repeated
They new goal’s to make sure we can’t choose

So this is how – so this is now – so down we go – so now we know

Rise and fall – it dies for all

Image by Wenhan Cheng from Pixabay

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