Greetings. We here at Tastiera Steak Sauce and Towing, in between devising ways to defeat our chief competitor A1, have been prodding the Alleged Artist for some time now to give us any slightest bit of a hint on when we might see more product generated by his increasingly unprolific musical mind.

Well, earlier this morning, we might have heard some sort of murmur or squeak from the other side of his locked-from-the-other-side door. Or we may have heard the neighbor’s bidet. Either way we take this as a sign that something truly unremarkable may be on its way. We will keep you posted if course, but according to the distribution of grounds at the bottom of our coffee, the new album “13” is still in the works, and a sort of “least not greatest hits” collection may follow at some point.

In the mean time, please enjoy imagining Jeopardy music (we can’t post it here or we’ll get sued again).

Best regards, The Management

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