Big Big Fish

It’s Twofer Tuesday, but you’re only getting one Alleged Artist post. You can thank us later…

Humanity is both mind-bogglingly insignificant and mind-bogglingly precious. Earth is the only place we know for sure that life has come to be. But we don’t know for sure that life doesn’t exist elsewhere in our solar system, let alone other solar systems in our galaxy, let alone other galaxies, let alone potentially other universes. And from a sheer size perspective, everything we know is just a mote of dust. I’m not saying size matters, I’m saying it makes you think.

In my case, it also made me write a song called “Small Pond”:

I think I got the watery theme from reading “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” by Douglas Adams. The main progression in the music came to me out of the blue while I was on a bike ride. And then I just slapped a piano sequence on the front, which seemed really out of place until I also slapped it on the back. For “Origin Story”, I did two rounds of isolation: one to separate the vocals from the instruments, and the second to separate the bass guitar from the other instruments. I thought the bass needed to be turned up ever so slightly, and with all these toys at my disposal now, I couldn’t resist.

To Earth – our small pond.

Image by PIRO from Pixabay


Greetings, Earthlings – can you take me to your king
Oh that’s all you’ve got – well I guess I’ll be going
The names of our wars are really fun to say
That’s why it’s all right if a bunch of us die for no reason every day

We’re the chosen people – we’re His pride and joy – we’re a little boy

Big big fish flapping our fins with pride
It’s a big big pond until you see it from the outside

We’ve ruled this world for ten thousand years
A quarter of a hundred thousandth of how long it’s been here
And the Sun in our sky, special as a mote of dust
Too bad for us

Big big fish flapping our fins with pride
It’s a big big pond until you see it from the outside

Big big heads swimming in confusion
It’s a big big drop from the top of an illusion

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