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We here at Tastiera Music love the word “penultimate” and will use any excuse to drop it into a post. And now, for some words about the penultimate song on Tastiera’s new album “13”, here is the Alleged Artist…

Lots of stuff was converging in my life in 1987. My dad passed away a few days before my 18th birthday, I graduated high school and started college, and I had lost some of my passion for music, probably due in large part to the other events I just mentioned. That’s all relatively speaking, of course – the year before, I had cranked out four albums in four months during the summer. But as 1987 wore on, I started to get the itch again, and it led to a new Velvet Cockroach album called “Never Stop the Music”. “Main Street”, song #8 on “13”, was part of that album. Another entry was “Still Got Time”, which was originally written about procrastination, and even more specifically about waiting until the last minute to turn in papers and prep for tests – basically that same dream many of us have at some point (I’ve had it many times).

As I was collecting older material to infuse into “13”, I decided I liked the unique approach I took to “Still Got Time”. At first, I was going to keep the name and just update the lyrics – but that wasn’t taking me anywhere interesting. So in the eleventh hour, I decided instead to make it a song about making a song. The music still sounds a lot like the original, but different enough that it feels new as well. Faithful listeners, “How It’s Done”:

The lyrics came together really quickly on this one, probably because I was simply describing what I’d been going through for the past several months. The last verse before the “main event” in the song kinda suggests the lyrics are the easiest part too, which is often true for me, once I’ve decided what the song is generally going to be about, and assuming the musical base is already there to support it.

Hard to believe there’s only one more to go here…


Ok there’s a lick, capture it quick, all of the song to go
A splash of sitar, a dash of guitar, now it’s starting to flow
I think this might work, but the answer still lurks beyond what I yet know

Ok there’s a beat, rinse and repeat, slowly coming alive
It’s half of the fun, before it’s all done, not knowing where I will arrive
Follow its will, dial up the fills, shift into overdrive

Ok there’s the verse, its own universe, feel those engines burn
The chorus is down, we’re going to town, point of no return
Ok there’s a jam, how much more can I cram into this little urn

Ok there’s a word, a second and third, yeah I think that’ll do
Ok there’s a line, it’s starting to shine, yeah let’s power through
Dive into the mmix, the mastering tricks, then hand it all to you

Did you like the show
No you can’t say no
Just say yes and smile
Then we’ll close the file

We’re in the cooldown stage
I wonder how it’ll age
Only time will gauge
End of page

Image by Rialy Radafy from Pixabay

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